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Annals of Medicine and Medical Education
Volume 1, Issue 3 (September 2014), pp. 89-96

DOI: 10.12973/ejms.2014.118p

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Published online on Apr 02, 2016

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A study on the effects of smoking during pregnancy on pregnant women and the newborn

Cihat Dağlı, Yasemin Korkut, Cemil Işık Sönmez, Tuğba Karadağ, Basri Furkan Dağcıoğlu, Feruza Sönmez, Naim Ünsal


Introduction: Smoking has been well-researched agent,which causes intrauterine growth retardation. We recorded pregnancy history and smoking status of all women that gave birth in our clinic. We tried to identify the effects of smoking on pregnancy and the newborn. Materials and Methods: A total of 295 women that gave birth in our hospital between 38th and 42nd weeks of pregnancy were analyzed regarding their age, height, weight, gravidity, parity, histories of miscarriage, preterm labor and pregnancy, smoking status, week of pregnancy determined according to ultrasonography and last menstrual period, and premature membrane rupture; whether any labor induction method and episiotomy were performed; and the sex, height, weight, 1 st and 5 th minute APGAR scores of the infant. 142 of the participants smoked during pregnancy and 153 were nonsmokers as the control group. Results: The average weight of women who were smoking>5 cigarettes/day was higher compared to the women smoking ≤5 cigarettes/day and the nonsmoking women (respectively 73.2±9.4kg, 69.9±7.9kg, 69.9±4.0kg, p<0,05). The difference regarding birth weight, sex and 1 st and 5 th minute Apgar scores was not statistically significant. However, the babies of smoking women were taller (p=0.022). The differences regarding the number of cigarettes were not significant in paired comparisons of the groups. Conclusion: The weight of the newborns of smoking mothers was lower compared to the babies of nonsmoking mothers, which was more evident for the mothers smoking more than 5 cigarettes/day. The study did not show any statistically significant difference between LBW of the newborn and smoking during pregnancy, given the number of cigarettes/day and the length of smoking. Keywords: Newborn, Pregnancy, Smoke

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