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Annals of Medicine and Medical Education
Volume 2, Issue 1 (March 2015), pp. 26-29

DOI: 10.12973/ejms.2015.139p

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Case Report

Published online on Mar 01, 2015

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Basal cell carcinoma of the vulva: A case report

Cengiz Kocak, Mehmet Huseyin Metineren, Hale Goksever Celik, Nazlı Dizen Namdar


Basal cell carcinoma (BCC)  is usually observed on sun exposed skin areas such as head and neck. However, BCC may also seen areas which are not exposed to sunlight such as perianal and genital regions. Vulvar BCC is seen rare and account for less than 5% of vulvar cancers and less than 1% of all BCCs. In this paper, we report a rare case of locally invasive BCC located at the left labium majus of a 55-year-old woman treated with local wide surgical excision. The physical examination revealed a 0.8x0.8 cm and exophytic lesion. The histopathologic diagnosis was nodular type BCC. All surgical margins of specimen was free of tumor. The neoplastic cells showed diffuse positive nuclear immunoreactivity for p53 and Ki-67, immunohistologically. The patient recovered without any complication. 
Keywords: Basal cell carcinoma, labium majus, vulva 


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