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Annals of Medicine and Medical Education
Volume 2, Issue 2 (June 2015), pp. 51-54

DOI: 10.12973/ejms.2015.142p

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Case report

Published online on Jun 01, 2015

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A giant mesenteric cyst mimicking adnexal mass in a middle- aged woman: case report

Mustafa Ulubay, Fahri Burçin Fıratlıgil, Ulaş Fidan, Uğur Keskin, Mustafa Öztürk, Murat Dede, Müfit Cemal Yenen


Mesenteric cyst (MC) is one of the benign intraabdominal tumors which are generally developing asymptomatically, and MC that locates in pelvic cavity can mimick adnexal cysts. Insufficient imaging techniques can cause difficulties in specific diagnosis of MC’s that locate in pelvic cavity and can result in out-of field surgical operations. The objective of this study is to discuss the diagnosis of a middle- aged healthy women with an asymptomatic MC, which can mimick adnexal mass.

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